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Huawei AR150 Series Routers

HI-NETWORK.COM(Hailian Technology Co., LTD) offer Huawei AR150 Series Routers, Huawei AR150 Series Enterprise Routers serve branch offices and small businesses by delivering routing and switching functionality, easy installation and configuration, quiet, and fan-less operation. The AR150 Series can offer 100 Mbit/s WAN Speed with Services, 1 x FE fixed WAN ports, 4 x FE fixed Ethernet switching ports and 512 MB memory.

This series contains the following platforms:

Huawei AR151, AR151-HSPA-7, AR151W-P, AR151G-C, AR157, AR157G-HSPA-7, AR157VW and AR157W . You may click the name to related page.

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AR150 Series Routers

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