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Rack Servers, Tower Servers & Blade Servers

Servers provide flexible designs to optimize your network. Servers consist of rack servers, tower servers, blade servers, and others. Select the most suitable one for your need now. Optimize your enterprise network with flexible, powerful Server IT infrastructure products.

Rack Servers 

Rack servers provide flexible designs to optimize your network. It saves space, facilitate unified management, and can meet the needs of enterprises for intensive server deployment. There are many server manufacturers, including HPE, Dell, Huawei, Inspur, etc.

Tower Servers

Tower server has good scalability, many slots, and a wide range of applications, which can meet common server application requirements. Select the most suitable one for your need now.

Blade Servers

Blade server is a low-cost server platform of HAHD (High Availability High Density). It provides support for large-scale data centers or areas that require large-scale computing.

Server Systems

Server system is a system consists of rack-scale computes, storages, and networking solutions designed for massive scale-out.

Servers Processors

Server processor is a processor specifically designed for servers, with higher performance and greater computing power. Server Processors include Intel processors and AMD processors.

Servers Hard Drives

The server hard disk is the data warehouse of the server, storing all the software and user data.

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