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Huawei CE7800 Series Switches

HI-NETWORK.COM (Hailian Technology Co., LTD) offer Huawei CE7800 Series Switches, in factory sealed new condition with low cost. Huawei CloudEngine 7800 series switches are next-generation 40GE Ethernet switches designed for DCNs and high-end campus networks, providing high performance, high interface density, and low latency. The CloudEngine 7800 provides high-density 40GE QSFP+ ports, and supports an extensive range of DC features and high-performance stacking, helping enterprises and carriers build DCNs in the cloud computing era. The CloudEngine 7800 can work with CloudEngine 16800, CloudEngine 12800, CloudEngine 8800, CloudEngine 6800, and CloudEngine 5800 series switches to build an elastic, simple, open, and secure cloud DCN. The CloudEngine 7800 series switches can function as core or aggregation switches on both DCNs and campus networks.

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CE7800 Series

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