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NE40E Series Routers

Huawei NetEngine Series Routers, the highest performance routers, are designed to power innovative enterprise applications from small to super huge scale. provides these routers including NE05E/08E Series Mid-range Service Routers, NetEngine20E-S Series Universal Service Routers, NetEngine40E Series Universal Service Routers, NetEngine5000E Cluster Routers and NetEngine80E Series Universal Service Routers.

NE40E Series Routers contain the following platforms:

Huawei NE40E-X3 AC, NE40E-X3 DC, NE40E-X8 AC, NE40E-X8 DC, NE40E-F1A-14H24Q, NE40E-M2H, NE40E-M2K, NE40E-M2K-B, NE40E-X16, NE40E-X16A, CR5DLPUF517E, CR5D0MPUD270, CR5D0MPUD170, CR5DLPUF5070 and CR5DLPUFA27E. You may click the name to related page.

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NE40E Series Routers

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