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Huawei S6700 Series Switches

HI-NETWORK.COM(Hailian Technology Co., LTD) provides Huawei S6700 series Ethernet switches. 

The S6700 series Ethernet switches are next-generation 10G fixed switches. The S6700 can function as an access switch in an Internet data center (IDC) or a core switch on a campus network. The S6700 has industry-leading performance and provides line-speed 10GE access ports and line-speed 40GE even 100GE uplink ports. It can be used in a data center to provide 10 Gbit/s access to servers or function as a core switch on a campus network to provide 40 Gbit/s even 100 Gbit/s traffic aggregation. In addition, the S6700 provides a wide variety of services, comprehensive security policies, and various QoS features to help customers build scalable, manageable, reliable, and secure data centers.

The Huawei S6700 Series Switches contain the following platforms:

Huawei CloudEngine S6730-H24X4Y4C, CloudEngine S6730-H24X6C, CloudEngine S6730-H28Y4C, S6720S-26Q-EI-24S-DC, S6720S-26Q-EI-24S-AC, S6720-56C-PWH-SI-AC, S6720-56C-PWH-SI, S6720-52X-PWH-SI, S6720S-32X-LI-32S-AC, S6720S-26Q-LI-24S-AC, S6720S-16X-LI-16S-AC, S6720S-26Q-SI-24S-AC, S6700-48-EI
, S6700-24-EI, S6730-S24X6Q, S6730-H48X6C and others. You may click the name to related page.

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S6700 Series

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