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Huawei S8700 Series Switches

HI-NETWORK.COM (Hailian Technology Co., LTD) offer Huawei S8700 Series Switches, in factory sealed new condition with low cost. CloudEngine S8700 series switches are high-end switches designed by Huawei for next-generation enterprise networks. The S8700 series uses Huawei's intelligent multi-layer switching technology to provide intelligent service optimization methods, such as VPN, service flow analysis, comprehensive QoS policies, controllable multicast, resource load balancing, and integrated security, in addition to stable, reliable, secure, and high-performance Layer 2/Layer 3 switching services. It features powerful scalability and high reliability.CloudEngine S8700 switches can be widely used on campus networks and data center networks to provide wireless access, voice, video, and data services, helping enterprises build an integrated end-to-end network.

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S8700 Series

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