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Huawei ME60 Bras Control Gateways

HI-NETWORK.COM(Hailian Technology Co., LTD)provides Huawei Multi-Service Control Gateways for building intelligent broadband networks and for high-bandwidth multimedia services across the enterprise campus or super large-scale global networks.

The ME60 series is a range of multiple-service control gateways-a type of Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS)-developed by Huawei to serve as a platform for unified user access and management, and most suitable for industries such as broadcasting, television, and education.

The Huawei ME60 Bras Control Gateways contain the following platforms:

Huawei ME60-X8, ME60-X8A DC, ME60-X8A AC, ME60-X3 AC, ME60-X3 DC, ME0D0SRUA570, ME0DBSUF5170, ME0DBSUFA070, ME0DSFUIF070 and ME0D0SRUA770. You may click the name to related page.

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ME60 Bras Series Routers

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