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Difference between Huawei HC & HCS & HCSO

Jun, 11, 2024

HC & HCS & HCSO Conceptual Distinctions

What is the difference between Huawei HC & HCS & HCSO? 

HC: Huawei Cloud, which is both Huawei's public cloud product and the unified brand for all related solutions and cloud services such as Huawei Public Cloud, Huawei Cloud Stack, and Edge Cloud. Public Cloud: Huawei Room, Huawei O&M.

HCS: Huawei CloudStack, Huawei's full-stack cloud solution (HCS is still a private cloud product, which needs to be deployed in the customer's data center, and the customer needs to operate and maintain it on its own, but it is only similar to the public cloud service experience, with similar applications, and can be interoperable). Customer server room, customer operation and maintenance.

HCSO: Huawei Cloud Stack Online, evolved from Huawei Cloud Stack, the difference lies in the use of public cloud services with a private cloud architecture, still deployed in the customer's data center, but with a dedicated line into the Huawei Cloud Operation and Maintenance Center, operated and maintained by Huawei; the essence of the private cloud, operation and maintenance hosting. The customer's server room, Huawei operation and maintenance.

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