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FAQs: Cisco StackWise Virtual – Revolutionize Your Network

Sep, 18, 2023

In today's fast-paced digital world, having a network that is efficient and reliable is extremely important. Cisco StackWise Virtual technology is designed to address these concerns. Let's take a closer look at this groundbreaking technology, answer some common questions, and see how it can transform your network infrastructure.

FAQs: Cisco StackWise Virtual – Revolutionize Your Network

What is StackWise Virtual technology?

StackWise Virtual technology is the next generation of StackWise, developed by Cisco. It allows for unified system virtualization by expanding the existing StackWise technology that is used in enterprise networks. This means that your network becomes more efficient, flexible, and scalable.

What is the difference between StackWise-480 and StackWise Virtual?

StackWise technology simplified access and distribution layers by using high-speed back-panel StackWise ports and cables. StackWise Virtual takes this a step further by extending the capability over network ports and cables. This innovation provides greater design potential, allowing you to virtualize networking devices beyond a single rack unit.

What are the benefits of StackWise Virtual technology?

StackWise Virtual offers several advantages:

Simplicity:It allows you to virtualize two redundant Cisco Catalyst switches as a single logical entity, making network management easier.

Reliability:It creates a unified control plane with Stateful Switchover (SSO) technology, ensuring uninterrupted business communication.

Scalability:The fully distributed forwarding architecture increases overall network bandwidth, improving the user experience.

Manageability:A single management plane integrates with Cisco APIC-EM and Cisco Prime Infrastructure management applications.

How does StackWise Virtual technology compare to Cisco 6K/4K VSS technology?

StackWise Virtual offers similar capabilities to Cisco Catalyst 6K/4K VSS in its initial phase. However, it goes beyond traditional stacking technology by introducing advanced features like programmability, application visibility, MPLS, and more, thanks to Cisco UADP ASIC technology and the next-gen Cisco IOS-XE Software operating system.

What hardware and software do I need for StackWise Virtual deployment?

StackWise Virtual is supported on the Cisco Catalyst 3850-48-XS Series hardware and requires Version 16.3.3 software.

What Cisco IOS Software license is required for StackWise Virtual?

To use StackWise Virtual, you need an IP Base or IP Services Cisco IOS Software license.

Can I use mixed Cisco Catalyst products in a single StackWise Virtual domain?

No, both stack members in a StackWise Virtual domain must be the same model.

Where can I deploy Cisco StackWise Virtual technology?

StackWise Virtual can be deployed in the distribution or core layer of your network. However, it is not recommended to deploy it in the access layer unless all connecting devices are dual-homed to both stack members in the StackWise Virtual domain.

What optics are supported for building SVL connections?

The Cisco Catalyst 3850, when deployed in StackWise Virtual mode, supports the same optics as in standalone or StackWise-480 mode.

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