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Huawei S5720 switch login prompts that the initial password is a security risk?

Feb, 19, 2024

Problem Description

Every time a customer logs in and enters a password, the initial password is not secure, and now the customer wants to remove it because it is too much trouble:


Password: huawei

Warning: The initial password poses security risks.

The password needs to be changed. change now? [Y/N]: n

Info: The max number of VTY users is 10, and the number of current VTY users on line is 1.

The current login time is 2000-04-02 02:05:15+00:00.


You can turn off this alert with the command: undo password alert original.


By default, the initial password change alert function is enabled on the S5720 switch.

If you want to remove this function, you can undo disable it:

<HUAWEI> system-view

[HUAWEI] aaa

[HUAWEI-aaa] local-aaa-user password policy administrator

[HUAWEI-aaa-lupp-admin] undo password alert original

Description: The initial password includes the default password of the device, the password set by the local user for the first time, and the password modified by a non-account (e.g., user B modifies user A's password, and the device outputs a corresponding prompt message when user A logs in with the modified password).

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